Thursday, May 7, 2009

GE to spend $6 billion on healthcare

General Electric plans to spend $6 billion over the next six years in an effort to improve health-care quality and drive down costs to consumers, the company announced Thursday.

read the rest here but the parts that stood out to me are areas we are focusing on now with small/medium employers:

"Consumers and providers are calling for more quality and transparency and access," Immelt said. "Health care needs new solutions. We must innovate with smarter processes and technologies that help doctors and hospitals deliver better health care to more people at a lower cost."

The company will continue to focus on wellness and safety programs at its work sites and will work on partnerships with health-care providers to reduce costs, he said. GE will turn its 175 health centers into wellness clinics and increase employee incentives for healthy activities, the company said.

GE's goals for the program are to reduce the cost of procedures using GE technologies and services by 15%, to increase access to health care services by 15% and to improve the quality and efficiency of health care by 15 percent.

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