Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Great new company...

Little know but powerful option for independent consultants as well as small-medium businesses are HRA's (health reimbursement arrangements). HSA's (health savings accounts) have taken over in the news and gotten lots of attention.

However, HRA's have been around for a couple of decades and used by many large organizations for years. We'll talk more about them and do so with our clients all the time.

Last week I had lunch with one of the individuals at Vida Card located in San Francisco. What a great company! Also, what a great model. They will do well. We have already discussed their services with a number of groups who see the value and get it.

Bottom line you can save 20-50% on your health insurance by being a wise consumer, taking the time to get properly educated and thinking outside the box a little. So many of us are focused on healthcare reform that we miss the daily ways we can cut costs now.

This week alone (it's only Tuesday) I have met with 3 individuals (either independent consultants, executives or small business owners) who, within 15 minutes have seen the above savings and learned how to utilize their plans better.

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