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Venture Capital Office Managers Association

Stone Meadow Benefits is the endorsed insurance broker for VCOMA (Venture Capitol Office Managers Association). Through this program and joint partnership over 600 national VC and Private Equity firms, their employees and their portfolio companies have access to health insurance and employee benefits consulting.

VCOMA now offers health, dental, vision, life insurance, RX prescription discount program, legal services, identity theft protection, and other ancillary benefits to all members and member companies regardless of company size through our partners, SMB Insurance.
As a VCOMA member, you now have access to:
  • Mini-Medical policy
  • Dental and Vision insurance
  • RX prescription discount program
  • Legal services
  • Identity theft protection
  • Online enrollment and interactive tools and a secure benefits website
  • Dedicated 800# for customer service
  • Free major medical analysis and consulting including an annual review
  • Free life insurance analysis for all members with option to purchase from all major carriers
As a VCOMA member, you and your portfolio companies may take advantage of these benefits, as well as all the other discounts and offers available to members through our corporate partners!  

Tracey Miles, Founder & Executive Director

U.S. Venture Partners

U.S. Venture Partners (USVP) has helped build great companies for three decades. Since its inception in 1981, USVP has invested over $2.7 billion in about 450 companies. Throughout, USVP's partners have worked diligently and consistently with early-stage companies, many of which have become industry leaders.

"Without hesitation, I have referred Jason Andrew as an insurance broker to several of our start-up companies and to other Office Managers in a variety of industries. We all know that an insurance brokerage firm is only as good as the talent they have working for them. Jason is not only talented, but he personally and genuinely cares about each of his clients. Jason has considerable experience in the healthcare solutions, planning, and implementation.”

Susan Banke, US Venture Partners

Jason just “saved” me between $3,500  and $7,200 PER YEAR on our “health care costs” and showed me – ACTUALLY politely PUSHED ME – on EXACTLY how to take advantage of at least 3 IRS approved “MEDICAL tax savings” areas ... including funding thru our 401K plans and yearly contribution limits.
Jason educated me on the POWER OF AN “HSA” ... “perhaps” everybody knew about this EXCEPT ME, but I doubt I was alone???
Jason gave me the most professional presentation of the facts – and trade-off that I have EVER RECEIVED as, “I”, like MOST people I would guess, “delayed those things (health insurance) that makes ALL of us UNCOMFORTABLE and/or REQUIRES CHANGE”.
Jason is definitely a Jedi Master in health insurance !!!
Scott Futryk
Anywhere Anytime
“Jason is not only highly skilled at his work, he is extremely attentive to his customers and colleagues. Jason is creative and efficient when delivering solutions to clients and very supportive to his business partners. Jason is constantly looking to help people and he is the kind of person that you want to do business with. I confidently recommend Jason Andrew and can attest to his high quality of work.” January 4, 2010
Umang Shah , Senior Director, Marketing Strategy and Innovation , Cubed Consulting
was with another company when working with Jason at Stone Meadow Benefits & Insurance Associates

“Jason helped us secure health insurance for our start up. He was incredibly helpful every step of the way. The customer service was top notch. He met with each of our employees and discussed which plan would be the best fit for their specific needs. He was extremely knowledge about the different options and when he didn’t know the answer to something he would research it and get right back to us. Jason held our hand through every step of the process. He did a great job.” December 8, 2009 
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert
Barry James Folsom
hired Jason as a Insurance Agent in 2009
worked extremely well with the staff and because of his experience in providing such packages to large groups, he shortened the learning curve significantly. This allowed for decisions to be made in a timely manner, and for the betterment of the Association. Jason is very knowledgeable, personable, detail-oriented and honest. He is in business for the long-term and he does not sacrifice relationships for a quick return. He is exemplary in his business.” June 25, 2009 

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity
Dr. Jack Bourla, D.C., Q.M.E.
hired Jason as a Broker Consultant in 2007
“Jason provided the City of American Canyon with expert advice on some of our benefits such as dental, vision, and life. Jason understands the field very well and helped get our agency a much better deal on these insurances that we would have without his guidance.” June 24, 2009 

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert
Bronda Silva
hired Jason as a Benefits Consultant in 2005 


Jason Andrew at Stone Meadow is the best individual and group health insurance specialist that I know.

I asked Jason to quote my company for our health coverage. We did not have to wait long to meet, and he not only took the time to work through what we really want to offer, he expertly eliminated all of the confusing options that do not fit us.

We ended up with several good, affordable choices. I highly recommend him if you are a small-to-midsized employer looking to lower the cost of your coverage, or an individual who currently has COBRA benefits.

I've been working with the fella's at Stone Meadow for a few months now.  We're semi-difficult to work with as we change our minds frequently, we're a start up and constantly bringing people on, letting them go.. etc

Jason and the team at Stone Meadow have been VERY accommodating and responsive.. its 7:40pm on a Tuesday and I'm making changes to our Dental Plan via email. I work via Email and I work long/random hours and its important to have someone who is available via email and extremely responsive. Very excited to continue growing our business and utilizing Stone Meadows services!

They also walked us through setting up our HSA Accounts, explaining all the differences in our Benefits packages and were very patient.. this was our first go at this and they made it VERY smooth!
Based on a recommendation, I contacted Jason Andrew for my health insurance needs.  He returned my phone call immediately, and I found him to be very knowledgeable and professional. 

Throughout the whole process, Jason was easily accessible and was always so patient with my million questions.  He walked me through the whole daunting process and we now have a plan that fits out needs.  I can't recommend Jason enough!  I interviewed a few other brokers and Jason was by far the very best.  I will always use Jason for my insurance needs.
Sunnyvale, CA

Small business owners are so disadvantaged when it comes to health benefits. They want to cover their employees but the costs can be so prohibitive.

Stone Meadow Benefits offers great insight on thinking outside of the box and making it affordable.  This creates a higher retention of employees as you add value to the compensation packages, while keeping it cost effective.  I have not only used them for our own employees, but I have referred them to some of my most valued clients.

It is such a great experience when that client calls to personally thank you for putting them in contact with Jason Andrew and his team.

They are a true asset to every small, medium and large client and I do not hesitate to recommend them for service and value.
Sunnyvale, CA

Thank you, Jason!  I had virtually no insurance until now - a policy that covered only Major Medical, with a huge Out-of-pocket / Deductible and with a very large premium.

Jason guided me through the maze of insurers and programs to find a program that will take care of my need for a manageable cost.  I just got the approval today and am thrilled.

Thanks again, Jason... for your patience, knowledge and professionalism.
Yahoo Groups
I had a very similar situation, and paid an arm and a leg for COBRA.  I used an insurance broker that got me better benefits and it cost 50% of COBRA.  In fact, we saved so much last year on health insurance that we bought a new laptop!

Here is the name of a young dad who is fabulous at finding great family plans.  He is extremely knowledgeable about all the options, and is a gentleman and a pleasure to deal with.  He impresses me with his honest and straightforward nature.

Here is his contact info, and I am copying him on this email so that he knows you might call him and what you are looking for.  Or, if you would like, he can contact you at your convenience.

Jackie Bocian, Organizing Concierge and Examiner guest writer

I got Mr. Andrew's name from this list, and I wanted to give a hearty vote of recommendation for him. Thanks to the original recommending parent! We have Kaiser insurance through my husband's job, but I have so far been a bit dissatisfied with the experience. While we have had good care for serious things or specialists, the routine office visits are challenging for me.

I am self-employed and wanted to investigate other options for myself and my kids. After crunching numbers with me, Mr. Andrew was refreshingly honest in his opinion, and actually recommend that we consider not purchasing secondary insurance at this time given his understanding of our needs and cost-effectiveness. Who ever heard of an insurance broker recommending a client to NOT purchase insurance?

I thought this was a real demonstration of high integrity and professionalism!!! Instead, he sent me a web tool to use that would help us determine costs-of-services in the area so that we could assess potential out-of-pocket expenses, should we ever need it. How cool is that? So, if you need a great health insurance broker, I would highly recommend giving him a call :)

PAMP (Parents Club of Palo Alto/Menlo Park)

Dear Mr. Andrew,
I got your contact information from the PAMP Parents Club, where your health insurance services came highly recommended from members.

I got your name and contact information from the PAMP (Palo Alto - Menlo Park Parents) forum where you were highly recommended by several local parents.

Stanford Alumni Group -

question posed...

We have a non-profit organization that I work for interested in starting an employee health care plan as soon as possible.  I am interested in finding an insurance broker to help us, preferably one experienced in setting up plans for non-profts.  Does anyone have a recommendation of a good broker?


I have a recommendation for an outstanding, honest, knowledgeable, well-regarded health insurance broker.  He has extensive experience with nonprofits, and can help save you $$.  You meet this man and you think "integrity."

Large Bay Area Non Profit Organization -

We are going into out third year working with Jason Andrew of Stone Meadow Benefits & Insurance Associates. When he first began working with us I was immediately impressed that he was able to find life/disability insurance for us that not only provided better coverage, but saved us almost $100,000 form the previous year. In addition, he agreed with my interest in looking for creative ways to structure our entire health benefits program so as to maintain or improve what we offered our employees while maintaining or lessening overall costs to the organization and our employees. During the first year he was able to obtain insurance that did, in fact improve the quality of the coverage while lessening our per person cost. In addition, we introduced a variety of health education programs to help our employees take better control of their health.

This year (2009-2010), after about a year of careful training and introduction we are planning to offer a Health Savings Account option. Because of the cost savings we are able to allow employees to choose an HMO, a PPO and an HSA and fund each HSA participants account very generously.

All in all, the ideas he has brought to us have been both financially advantageous and benefit-rich. He provides excellent service after the initial sale and we are in constant touch regarding our programs. I have always believed that just about all brokers get quotes from a large number of insurers to present to their clients. However, the difference is in the service they provide after implementing an insurance plan. I have received excellent service from this firm and enthusiastically recommend them to other non profit or for profit organizations.

Sr. HR Director